Giant Gold Desert Millipede (Orthoporus ornatus)

Giant Gold Desert Millipede for Sale

One of the longest species of millipede native to the USA, this durable and beautiful species is always in demand. Very easy to keep and hours of entertainment as they explore their enclosure. Grab one or a few today!​

Desert Millipedes make amazing pets. They are nonvenomous, making them safe for handling. These are extremely creepy-looking critters that come from very unforgiving areas of the United States. They are able to handle blazing temperatures during the Summer and during the Winter, it will frost over in their native lands, causing them to go into a sort of hibernation stage. 

How to take care of them:

Shoe boxed sized container or Medium to Large Kritter Keeper. 3 to 4 inches of the substrate such as dirt, peat moss, coco fiber, etc., at Room temperature. Feed them Vegetables and fruits such as romaine lettuce, squash, carrots, oak leaves, and fish flakes, and mix up their diet as each one tends to have its own favorite thing it likes to eat.

$10.00 Each

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