Why Beetles?

Beetles are great for beginners.  The ones we offer come from unforgiving lands and survive drastic changes in temperature every single day.  They also must deal with occasional flash floods.  Beetles offered by Bug Pets are generally species that can live for long periods of time even as adults, however, we cannot guarantee this as we do not know how long these have been adults.  They like to eat anything they can find, including dead animal matter.  Vegetables such as carrots will give them the water that they need.  These beetles can survive in an environment that is bone dry, although an occasional spray of water does not hurt.
Why You Should Get Some:
•            Not venomous – they cannot hurt you from bites
•            Easy to feed – eat just about anything plant or animal matter
•            Easy to house – A medium sized critter keeper will do for one specimen.  Simple potting soil with no pesticides and a few wood pieces for it to hide under will suffice
•            Generally active – not shy and will move about in it’s enclosure making them enjoyable
•            No need for a heater – These can survive hot temperatures as hibernate when it gets too cold
•            Easy to handle – These are very slow and do not run away (make sure your hands are free of pesticides or chemicals)
•            Live long
•            Require little care – makes them perfect for beginners or even classroom projects

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