Why Isopods?

Roly Polies are one of the first “bugs” that every child think of.  These can generally be found in areas that are moist with rotting matter. Roly Polies, or isopods are great as a part of a “clean up crew”, eating all the left over junk inside a terrarium.  They thrive in an environment where they can help decompose and recycle the mold and other debris that other animals left behind.
We try to offer specimens that are interesting to look at and not just simple ones you can find in your backyard.
These are:

  • EXTREMELY easy to care for
  • Eat Anything
  • Can still thrive in a container with simple dirt or potting soil even without air holes in some cases!
  • Prolific breeders
  • Not venomous – they cannot hurt you from bites (I’ve never been bit by one even when I stick my finger in its face)
  • Easy to feed – eat just about any insect that they are able to overpower
  • Generally active – not shy and will move about in it’s enclosure making them enjoyable
  • No need for a heater – These do great at simple room temperature
  • Easy to handle – These are not too skittish and generally don’t run too fast (make sure your hands are free of pesticides or chemicals)
  • Require little care – makes them perfect for beginners or even classroom projects

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