Why Roaches?

​Hissing Cockroaches live a very long time for an insect.  They can live to be as old as 5 years!  Built like tanks, these guys are very docile.  In nature they can be found in rotten logs in big groups.  As pets, they tend to stick together in a colony, however, males may be seen fighting for territory or the right to mate.
Hissing cockroaches are scavengers, eating pretty much any sort of leftover food.  Just make sure there are no pesticides or artificial chemicals in the food.  They can eat anything from fruits, vegetables, to dog or cat food.
These roaches do have the ability to climb smooth surfaces, so the cage that you keep them in will need to be sealed off of escape points or you could rub a 2 inch high layer of Vaseline at the top of their enclosure perimeter to discourage them from crossing it.
Hissing Cockroaches also breed very prolifically with plenty of heat and food and are great for use as pet food for reptiles and other animals that prey on insects.
Why you should get some:

  • Not venomous – they cannot hurt you from bites
  • Easy to feed – eat just about anything plant or animal matter
  • Easy to house – A medium sized critter keeper will do for a few specimens.  Simple potting soil with no pesticides and a few wood pieces or egg crates for it to climb on will suffice
  • Get large – Will amaze others who come into contact with it
  • Generally active – not shy and will move about in it’s enclosure making them enjoyable
  • Easy to handle – These are very slow and do not run away (make sure your hands are free of pesticides or chemicals)
  • Live long – Can generally live up to 5 or more years (extremely long for an insect)
  • Require little care – makes them perfect for beginners or even classroom projects
  • Drought Resistant- can handle short periods of no water
  • Can be kept together communally – more interesting in larger numbers
  • Can be bred as food for other predatory bugs

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